Edna Cantoral Acosta

Mirada-noche.-Edna.2014.jpg 3.Edna-Cantoral_De-frente Ofrenda_Edna-2013 Edna-Cantoral-Acosta_Marioneta_1 Visión-Portátil_Edna-2012

Work1 Title: Mirada noche Year: 2014 Materials: Acrylic on paper, bird feathers. Laminated in plastic Dimensions: H 52 W 36 cm D Work2 Title: De frente Year: 2013 Materials: Acrylic, pencil on paper, tree branch. Laminated in plastic Dimensions: H 74 W 47 cm D Work3 Title: Ofrenda Year: 2013 Materials: Acrylic, pencil, pencil colors, grease pencil on papers. Laminated in plastic and mounted in a fabric Dimensions: H 96 W 59 cm D Work4 Title: Marioneta Year: 2012 Materials: Acrylic, ink, pencil on papers. Laminated in plastic Dimensions: H 63 W 46 cm D Work5 Title: Visión Portátil Year: 2012 Materials: Acrylic, pencil, color pencil on paper , and a fabric.  laminated in plastic
Dimensions: H 60 W 50 cm D


I am interested in searching an honest way to discover who I am. Creating is for me a process of transformation and mystery. I like to experience and to explore different means, such as  painting, engraving, literature, and recently, silk-screen printing, artist’s books.
The presence of the void and death as engines to transformation are a constant in my work.

One of the many phrases which remind me of the deepest sense of my journey through life and art, and which has accompanied me along my way, is this by W. B. Yeats: “I’m looking for the face I had before the world was made”.

I am interested in that which is broken;  the  unfinished  that  never  ends  because  it
keeps changing; the “mistake“, the recycled, undrawn drawing, mixed  techniques; the fragile; the small;    introspection. I mainly works with acrylic, mixed techniques and collage. Literatura is a strong influence in my creations. The writer Enrique Ortega wrote: “Edna´s work is immersed in a poetic realism loaded with suggestions of a poetry of her own, a lived poetry that is manifest in the bareness of the painting Undressing in which she might seem to say, What is left after the body if not the essence, poetry?”
I sometimes laminates my  work in plastic, intending that the works float freely in space without the limitations of a frame. In a recent series we see that the characters turn into animals, symbols of what they really are.


Edna Cantoral Acosta was born in Mexico City, 1976. She studied in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, where she currently works. In 1996 she obtained the Sogem diploma in literary creation. She undertook  undergraduate studies in plastic arts at the  University of Guadalajara. (1998-2001). She took  classes with artists and in the engraving workshop  of Herculano Álvarez during the period between  2002-2003. She was granted a scholarship from the FONCA (National Fund for the Culture and the Arts, Mexico) to study at the ENSAD, (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs) at  Paris, during the period from October 2004 to August 2005.

She has participated in 68 collective exhibitions in Guadalajara, Mexico city, Argentina, Spain, N.York, Georgia , Japon, London. Some exhibitions are: “THE ARTERNATIVE PLAYGROUND”, 3th to 6th sept, 2015, The Rag Factory, London;
“10 encuentro De Sensibilización Artística, De Puerta En Puerta”, 5 -10 sept. 2015, Villafranca de los Caballeros, España; ” PEQUEÑO FORMATO INVERSIÓN ATRACTIVA VIII”, 22 august to 18 sept, 2015 at Galería Adriana Valdés, Gdl, Jalisco; “LA CARNIVALE”, The New Bohemian Gallery, Minnesota, 3 to 25 july 2015; “IDENTITY/MEMORY”, Gallery on the Corner, London, 13 to 23 June 2015; “UNA VIDA/ A life”, excolegiojesuita.mx, Pátzcuaro, Mich, México, 12 sept-19 oct, 2014; “HEROES AND VILLAINS” , ARC Gallery and Educational Foundation, 25 June to 19 july, 2014, Chicago; “FOLIA” , 1rst   International Artist Book Fair, Instituto Cultural Cabañas, February 2014;     “PASSION FOR FREEDOM”, Unit 24 Gallery,2011, London;  Edna  carried out 11 individual ones, one of them being the Signature of the artist book HOMENAJE A Juan Gelman, Galerie La Hune Brenner en París, 2005.An engraving by Edna belongs to the collection: “Lolita Rubial” Foundation. Engraving National Museum, Uruguay. One book : “Homenaje a Juan Gelman” belongs to the Standford University’s  collection.

Place: Zapopan, México

Contact: ednacantoral@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.ednacantoralacosta.com/