Detourned Menu: Food in the Form of Activism


March 07 – April 25, 2008

Curated by Brianna Toth
Artists: Erik Carver & Howard Huang, Cori Crowley & Bert Bergen, Bessma Khalaf, Alessandro Nassiri, Chris Sollars & Jerome Waag, Eva Strohmeier, and Adam Zaretsky

The term “detournement” comes from the political and artistic movement Situationist International, which became known for the reuse of existing elements within well-known media in order to create new work with a different message. Detourned Menu: Food in the Form of Activism brings together a group of artists who investigate issues raised by the proliferation of biotechnology, perceived scarcity, and the weakening of standards that devalue terms such as “organic” and “all natural”. The performing, visual and collaborative artists included within this exhibition use food as a basis for their art and public education efforts. In so doing, they explore the ways in which food is intertwined with the interactions and decisions of our everyday lives. Providing food for thought, as well as something to fill one’s belly, the artists disrupt the visual and spatial codes of everyday life in order to render legible the relationship between food and the economic, social, ethical, and political realms.

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