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Work1 Title: Figure Study, 2 Year: 2014 Materials: photography, archival inkjet print Dimensions: H 40 W 27.5  Work2 Title: Figure Study, 11 Year: 2014 Materials: Photography, archival inkjet print Dimensions: H 40 W 27.5  Work3 Title: FIgure Study, 13 Year: 2014 Materials: photography, archival inkjet print Dimensions: H 40 W 27.5  Work4 Title: Figure Study, 2 Year: 2014 Materials: photography, archival inkjet Dimensions: H 40 W 27.5  Work5 Title: Figure Study, 20 Year: 2014 Materials: photography, archival inkjet print Dimensions: H 40 W 27.5


The visual relationship to the figure highlights many interesting contradictions: the organic and the artificial, the grotesque and the delicate, the somatic and the psychological. Each layer builds upon a recognition of the familiar yet all the while deeply unknown, disrupting the expectation of how the photograph behaves. Through the translation of the portrait you are left with something surprisingly even more human.
The Intentional Object, derived from Husserl’s theory of phenomenology posits that evidence can, in some cases, only be experienced and not seen. In this way, Danielle exposes the gestures and moves used in newer digital retouching processes as a way to both begin to unpack the nature of this methodology, the nature of how humans define the self, and through a deconstruction of idealized beauty standards; by highlighting anatomical details that are often disregarded.


2012 Invisible Cities, Galerie Protege—New York, NY 2008 Love & Other Oddities, White Rabbit —New York, NY 2007 Portrait of Iceland, SOHO House—New York, NY

2015 A Show of Hands, A1LabArts Gallery—Knoxville, TN Exposure Pop-Up Show, Gallery South—Cambridge, MA MFA Thesis Exhibition, Lunder Arts Center—Cambridge, MA

2014 Heavenly Bodies, Santa Barbara Museum of Art—Santa Barbara, CA The Alternative Approach, Kiernan Gallery—Lexington, VA
Estuary, New York Fine Arts Association—Brooklyn, New York
Pasting, Galerie Protege—New York, NY
NYFA Fellows Exhibit, Dumbo Arts Festival—Brooklyn, NY

2013 New Directions, Wall-space Gallery – Santa Barbara, CA
New Directions, Wall-space Gallery – Seattle, WA
Parallax, Gormley Gallery part of Notre Dame Maryland University, MD Affordable Art Fair with Galerie Protege – New York, NY
Lines, a three person show with Logan Visscher & Latitia Hussain, McDaris Fine Art – Hudson, NY

2011 Intersecting Identities, LGBQT Community Center – New York, NY Synthesis, The Darkroom – New Orleans, LA
Perfect Ten, SHAG Shop – Brooklyn, NY
No Mirrors, Rayko Photo Center – San Francisco, CA
Chain Letter, Shoshana Wayne Gallery – Santa Monica, CA Alternative Photo Competition, Soho Photo, – New York, NY

2010 Preserving the Visual Arts in Fashion Project, Seasick Mama – New York, NY Emerging Artists Auction, Daniel Cooney Fine Art – New York, NY
FAKEORANGE Showcase, Envoy Gallery – New York, NY
Another Roadside Attraction, ISE Foundation – New York, NY

2014 Director’s Choice Award, Kiernan Gallery, VA
2013 NYFA Fellowship Nominee
2011 Honorable Mention, Alternative Photo Competition, Soho Photo, New York 2011 Best in Show, No Mirrors, Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco
2010 Emerging Curator Grant, ISE Foundation, New York

2013 BA, The Art Institute of Boston, MA
2013 – 15 MFA, GPA 3.7, Photography, Lesley University College of Art & Design, MA

Featured Artist, Don’t Take Photos, July

Place: Brooklyn, NY

Contact: d.ezzoster@gmail.com

Website: http://www.danielleezzo.com