Cyrilla Mozenter

1_Arctic-Hare 2_Arctic-Joker- 3_tfu-XVII 4_tfu-V_the 5_island-r

Work1 Title: Arctic Hare Year: 2011 Material: Wooden ice cream spoon, cut-and-pasted handmade Japanese mending paper, archival corrugated cardboard, hazelnut, pumpkin seeds Dimensions: H 8.75″ W 3″ D 6.75″ Work2 Title: Arctic Joker Year: 2013 Material: Pencil on archival corrugated cardboard, cut-and-pasted handmade Japanese mending paper, cut-and-pasted handmade paper Dimensions: H 7.5″ W 7.25″ D .75″ Work3 Title: the failed utopian XVII (white/yellow) Year: 2014 Material: Pencil and gouache on Japanese handmade paper Dimensions: H 25″ W 39″ D Work4 Title: the failed utopian V (the) Year: 2014 Material: Industrial wool felt hand stitched with silk thread Dimensions: H 75″ W 7.25″ D Work5 Title: island r Year: 2012 Material: Pencil on rock, industrial wool felt hand stitched with silk thread Dimensions: H 5″ W 5″ D 4.5″


My work is symbolic language—exploring and describing—correspondences and continuities. Inner/outer:  winter   warm   light   spring   dark   cold—both   several   all-at-once.

I make large banner-like wall pieces, freestanding constructions and works on paper in which there is a tension between two and three dimensions. Each piece, while complete in itself, is also an aspect of a larger whole that is revealed in accumulation.

I hand stitch industrial wool felt with silk thread and entomb objects such as hazelnuts and cuttlebones in layered thin strips of handmade paper. I use letters and words that relate to basic sounds as well as words and phrases from Gertrude Stein. I draw with pencil, paint with gouache, cut and glue.

Early on in these investigations, the phrase “warm snow” from Stein’s “Four Saints in Three Acts” became an organizing principle. Snow and felt are insulators and make quiet. Cold temperatures preserve freshness. In cold regions life is reduced to essentials. An occasional thaw, however, enables flow. In the Grail legends, Parsifal sets out on his quest in the month of May—and it’s snowing: warm snow.

In the liquid of the “Arctic Spring” that follows, preservation is at risk. While spring suggests new life (and hope), in this locale it is also menacing. Long-buried creatures float to the surface, sleds morph into boats and barges. The “Arctic Joker” (2012) exposes his toes.

“a hole is a true” are Gertrude Stein’s words. Photography is newly integrated. The dark grey felt had me thinking about shadow as substance, black holes and matter falling into infinity.

“the failed utopian” steps further in. With Masaccio’s “Expulsion from Paradise” as image-reference, Adam and Eve were the first failed. Their failure remains with us. It is our sorrow, and it is our challenge.


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The Arkansas Arts Center, Birmingham Museum,
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2005  The Coby Foundation, sponsor of solo
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2005, 2001  Project Grants, The Fifth Floor Fdn
2001  NYFA Fellowship

Place: Stony Point, NY