Connie DK Lane

ConnieDKLane_InTransit ConnieDK-Lane_Reflect Uproot_ConnieDKLane

P1040122WalledCity Transformation_ConnieDKLane

Work1 Title: In Transit Year: 2013 Material: Fiber, paints, roofing cement, polyurethane foam & found object. Dimensions: H 47 W 29 D 16 Work2 Title: Reflect Year: 2013 Material: Fiber, paints, decomposed coffee grounds, wax & mixed media Dimensions: H 42 W26 D26 Work3 Title: Uproot Year: 2013 Material :Fiber, tapes, paints & mixed media Dimensions: H 57 W 16 D 15 Work4 Title: The Walled City Year: 2014 Material: Fiber, shredded paper pulp, polyurethane foam mixed media524 Dimensions: H 52 W 32 D 65 Work5 Title: Transformation Year: 2013 Material: Polyurethane foam, tree branch, found object & mixed media Dimensions: H 46 W 22 D 18


The sculptural objects that I create are the result of a highly physical and continual reworking of subconscious and conscious elements in constant interaction. They are biomorphic and surreal, lying somewhere between abstraction and representation, between form and formlessness. As evocative as the emerging forms are, my hope is also to create works wrought with layers of emotion, rendered through the complexity and richness of the materials.

By randomly rubbing a mixture of unorthodox materials such as shredded paper pulp, roofing cement, wax, and decomposed coffee grounds, with paints dripping or pouring onto the surface of the sculptural forms, I achieve an organic feel with a dynamic of chaos and deterioration. Through the process of materiality, spontaneity and chance, I explore an aspect of entropy in this era of globalization that we all live in. It is the sensory phenomena that I aim to bring across—to challenge viewers’ perception with the many ambiguities resonating in my work.


Connie DK Lane
Born in Hong Kong • Lives in Long Beach, CA


M.F.A., California State University, Long Beach, CA

B.F.A. (Ceramic), California State University, Long Beach, CA

Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions

FTW, two-person exhibition, Eastside International/LA, Los Angeles, CA

No Place Like Home, Cerritos College Art Gallery, Norwalk, CA

Unfamiliar, Stone Rose Gallery, Long Beach, CA

…to the Present, installation in a project room, 2nd City Council Arts Gallery, Long Beach, CA

Born in China, Rio Hondo College Art Gallery, Whittier, CA

Select Group Exhibitions

Real Surreal, Sandra Lee Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Dirty Minds: Life on Earth, bG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Paradoxically in Harmony, Thinh Studio, Hawthorne, CA

Enchanted Afterlife, Art Cube Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
MAS Attack, Torrance Museum of Art, Torrance, CA
Studio Upstairs, Huntington Beach Art Center, Huntington Beach, CA

Re-revolution, Werby Gallery, California State University, Long Beach, CA
Small Expressions, Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA

Latitude, HGA Convergence, Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA

Reclaimed Existence, Art Cube Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

The 19th Annual Juried Contemporary Art Exhibition, Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA

Finished/Unfinished: Works on Paper, Brand Art Gallery, Glendale, CA

Common Thread, Coastline College Art Gallery, Huntington Beach, CA


The 9th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition, University of Hawaii Art Gallery, Honolulu, HI

Without, Wight Gallery, University California of Los Angeles, CA

Visual Literacy, 2nd City Council Arts Gallery, Long Beach, CA

What’s Going on Inside? Long Beach Arts Gallery, Long Beach, CA

Place: Long Beach, CA