Connecting The Dots….


June 07 – July 05, 2013

Curated by Lovina Purple
Artists: Mira Alibek, Beth Dary, Amanda C. Small, and Margaret Withers

Opening Reception: Friday, June 7, 6-8PM

ISE Cultural Foundation is pleased to present a group exhibition “Connecting The Dots…..” curated by Lovina Purple at the Front Space.

Connections can be physical, sentimental, metaphorical or technological. The phrase “Connecting the dots” is often used as a way to illustrate the ability to associate one idea with another, to find the “bigger picture” so to speak. A source of constant discussion and debate in the Art World, what is the connection of the artist to the material/concept, to the venue? We are obsessed with what ties one to another, be it object, thought, material or idea. In Connecting the Dots… four female artists will be exhibiting work in various mediums which artistic and creative uses of the dot/sphere/orb or circle are used both physically and conceptually in their work.
The exhibition consists of two installations, two drawings and two mixed media paintings. Each artist has a personal connection to process, concept and idea. The artists touch on wide ranging topics that reflect upon their various backgrounds and experiences, but in all, not only do they use the shape of the dot or sphere in their work, but they allude to the unending anticipation of what is to come next. They tell a story that is not yet complete, where some of the tale is yet to be told.
Dots themselves when in multiples lead us to another place. They hang in the balance of expectation, anticipation and a feeling of “to be continued” or unending vastness. Yet they also tell us “we are here” mark the end of a sentence and pin-point us down to our coordinates. In this exhibition, the work highlights the open-ended process of creation and the interconnectedness of artists whose work at first glance is quite different, but when brought together connect the dots…

Image: Mira Alibek, “W__ing: Citadel” 2012, mixed media, 30″ x 80″ Amanda Small, “Zoetic” (detail), 2011, mixed media, dimensions variable