Chatchai Puipia: Paradise Perhaps


March 8 – April 14, 2001

Curated by Toshio Shimizu

Artist: Chatchai Puipia

ISE Cultural Foundation will present the third part of its “Asian Art series” with exhibition entitled “Paradise Perhaps” by the outstanding contemporary painter from Thailand, Chatchai Puipia (born in 1964).

From the late 1980′s to the early 1990′s, a new artistic movement started in Thailand and they hace joined the international contemporary art movement. In the lare 1980′s, the Asian economic region gained upward momentum with inflow of foreign investors and corporations that made significant inroads in the Thai market. This economic boom changed Thailand’s social structure from one of an agricultural society to that of a manufacturing society, Accordingly, the lifestyle of the Thai people changed dramatically. Skyscrapers and automobiles soon took over the city of Bangkok. Young artists began to respond to their urban lifestyle and to their “new reality”. Pushed to explore new realities and means of artistic expression with the end of the cold war and globalization, Thai artis made entry into the international art scene.

Chatchai Puipia is one such artist representing this movement in Thailand. Chatchai portrays Thai people who experienced these recent dramatic social changes. In Chatchai’s portraits, some of his figures demonstrate surprise, other demonstrate insanity as they try to keep up with the social changes, and others ponder the meaning of change. His expressive painting are among the most figurative in Thai art.

His recent works have become more imaginative as he expresses the affects of conflict and anxiety to the peace of mind of the contemporary human being.

Review: The New York Times, March 23, 2001, by Holland Cotter