ISE NY Artist Registry

ISE NY Artist Registry is an online library for artists from all over the world. It’s a venue for artists to showcase their artwork and for curators to search for new talent.  ISE NY Artist Registry will provide a wider opportunity for artists and greater variety of choices for curators. It is a community to connect artists and curators.

We are NOT accepting any submissions at this time.

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Recent Entry

Yen Yen-Jui Lai                         Nobuko Saji                               OZ-Keisuke Yamaguchi            Sarah E. Jacobs

Yen-Yen-Jui-Lai-Water-Room          Nobuko-Saji_Stardust           WORK1_COZ-Keisuke-Yamaguchi           Ethosphere-smaller-brighter

Irene Gennaro                          PAULA CRAIOVEANU              Daisuke Satou                            Richard Jochum                       Mamiko Takayanagi

1_Cloud Cluster          1-WINGED-GENIUS_PAULA-CRAIOVEANU_27X43IN           tumblr_o8p3rdyRgJ1tieklfo1_500           atlas          -~-波音-sound-of-waves 91x91cm-oil-on-canvas-2016s

Naoko Ohmura 2                        Claire Watson                           Mikhail GUBIN 2                      Michelle Jaffé                          Kanade Hamawaki

P1110746-1           02.Ancestors           0002          Days-Confused-Announcement1           rDSCF0698

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