Art Student Exhibition 2007


July 01 – August 25, 2007

Symposium: 2:30PM
Award ceremony/Closing party: 4:20PM
Admission Free

ISE CULTURAL FOUNDATION is pleased to present the exhibition, Summer Festival “Art Students’ Exhibition in NY in 2007″. We are exhibiting art works by art students from Japan and from the United States through August 25th.
Awards are to be given to some selected works by the celebrated art professionals in New York, also New York City Audience Award will be determined by the votes of the audience.
Award Ceremony and Closing Party will be held at Ise Cultural Foundation gallery on August 25.

Symposium: 2:30PM

Symposium speakers/ Masaaki Noda (Artist) & Chihung Yang (Artist)
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Nathalie Angles:
Director, International Residency Program, Location One
Lynn Gumpert:
Director, Grey Art Gallery, NYU
Paul Laster:
Editor, & Contributing Editor, Art Asia Pacific
Richard Vine: Managing Editor, Art in America
Richard J. Wood: President, Japan Society
* Awards will be given to some selected works by the jurors.

2007 Awardees
Nathalie Angles Award

Sandra-Mack-Valencia, Hunter College, NY/USA
Cosme Herrera, Pratt Institute, NY/USA
111 222

Lynn Gumpert Award
Kazumasa Aoki, Aichi University, Japan
Cecile Chong, Parsons the New School for Design, NY/USA
Takafumi Ide, Stony Brook University, NY/USA
333 444 555

Paul Laster Award
Kazumasa Aoki, Aichi University, Japan
Hanae Ko, New York University, NY/USA

Richard Vine Award
Donna Clovis, New York University, NY/USA
Yinna Wang, Cooper Union, NY/USA

Richard J. Wood Award
Kyle Downs, Main College of Art, Main/USA
Yury Spektor, Brooklyn College, NY/USA
999 1110

ISE Cultural Foundation Award
Carly Haffner, Hunter College, NY/USA
Murase Izumi, Musashino Art University, Japan
1111 1112

New York Audience Award
Reina Kubota, Aichi University, Japan

Supported by Consulate General of Japan in New York
Cooperation by Uniqlo USA Inc., Suntory International Corp. and Choya Umeshu USA Inc.

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