ISE NY Grant Program Application & Instructions

We are NOT accepting any submissions at this time.

Overview & Guidelines


ISE NY Grant Program is made to help curators and artists all over the world, who are planning to achieve an ambitious, innovative exhibition wherever it will be.

Application Qualification

  • This is a grant for an exhibition, which is already scheduled.
  • There is NO limit to applicant’s race, nationality, age and the place they currently live in as well as the place where the exhibition occurs.
  • Either curator(s) or artist(s) who have a specific exhibition plan can apply.
  • Applicants must be the creators who can talk about the artistic concept of the exhibition and its’ artwork. Organizations such as museums, galleries and schools cannot apply for this grant.

Grant Amount

Maximum 5,000 US dollars per Exhibition

*The amount will be determined by each exhibition’s scale and content among other factors.

*If the grantee is outside of the US, the grant amount sent will be determined by the currency exchange rate when the grant is issued.

Applicable Exhibition Period

January 1, 2017 – June 30, 2017

*Only exhibitions during this period will be considered.

*If the exhibition’s starting time is within the date above, the closing date can be later than June 30, 2017.


  • Application deadline: September 28, 2016 EST
  • Notification of the results: Each applicant will be notified the results around early November in 2016 via email.
  • Grant issuing: After the exhibition ends. Within 2 weeks of the final day of the exhibition, the grantee has to send all the necessary reports to ISE Cultural Foundation NY. Within 10 days after receiving the report, the total amount of the grant will be issued.

Note to Grantees

  • ISE Cultural Foundation NY asks each grantee to submit images of the exhibition within 1 week after the starting date of the exhibition.
  • On ISE NY’s website, ISE Cultural Foundation NY will disclose the grantee’s name, name of the exhibiting artists, exhibition title and venue as well as the images submitted, it will also include any relevant promotional material.
  • Grantee must clearly indicate that the exhibition is supported by ISE Cultural Foundation NY on their promotional tools such as printing materials and website.
  • In case any changes happen to the exhibition’s content, date and venue after grantee is determined, the grantee has to notify changes to ISE Cultural Foundation NY ASAP. If the content of the exhibition is significantly different from the original plan, it may cause a revision of the grant amount or cancellation of the grant itself.

How to Apply

Please select either Online Submission or Regular Mail Submission. Applicant can choose only one method and cannot combine Online and Regular Mail to submit your application.

[Online Submission]

  • Before you start filling out the Application, please read Application Documents” below carefully and gather all necessary documents and images.
  • Fill out each section and upload files.
  • After finishing each section, click the blue “Continue” button. When you click the button, the information you just filled disappears and “–“ (minus) sign will become “+” (plus).
  • If you miss any necessary field, you cannot finish the section.
  • If you want to change the information you already finished, click “+” (plus). Then the information will appear and you can change the information.
  • You cannot save the information and work on the application later.
  • After everything is done, click “Submit” button.
  • After your submission is received, you will see the sign “Thank you for your submission. We have received your application.” You will receive an email of your submission in your email account as well.
  • Online Application System can be busy on the deadline day and we expect some delay on the system. Please try to prepare your application process before the deadline.

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 Application Documents

1) ISE NY Grant Program Application Form

  • Applicant’s Information (Name, Address, Phone #, Email, URL, Gender)
  • Exhibition Information (Title of the Exhibition, Date, Name of the Venue, Address, Name of the Curator, Name of the Artists)

2) ISE NY Grant Program Grant Proposal

  • Exhibition Budget, How to use Proposed ISE NY Grant, Exhibition Credit
  • This is Grant for an Exhibition. Please apply to cover your exhibition costs, for example; Shipping, Art Handling, Transportation, etc.
  • The exhibiting artwork is considered finished when submission is reviewed. Therefore, our grant is not to cover New Artwork Creation or Studio costs.

3) Concept of the Exhibition

  • 500 words or less
  • English only

4) Images of the Exhibiting Artwork

  • Minimum of 8 images, Maximum of 10 images
  • Jpg Only. Each image’s size cannot exceed 2MB.
  • Artwork that will be included in the exhibition only.
  • Title of the work, Artist, Medium, Size
  • If your work is not finished or your exhibition is a site-specific installation, you may submit Plan, Sketches, Models, Drawings or Previous Work (if the work is very similar to the exhibiting one). Please make an effort to show how your exhibition will appear visually. You may also explain in the Concept.
  • In the case of video work, upload 8 Still Images from the video and copy and paste the link to your video work to “Link to the Video” section. Don’t upload video.
  • If your video is not available on a website such as “Vimeo” or “Youtube” as well as your own website, submit DVD with other documents by regular mail.
  • If you don’t have any video work, don’t put anything on “Link to the Video” section and click “Continue”.

5) Curator & Artists’ Resume or C/V

  • PDF format. If you have more than 1 file, upload as Zip format.
  • Style and pages are flexible.
  • English only
  • Include All Curators’ and Participating Artists’ resume or C/V.

6) Letter from the Exhibition Venue / Proof of the Scheduled Exhibition

  • English or Japanese only
  • Format is flexible. It must have a venue’s letterhead and an official signature.
  • A letter must contain name of the applicant, scheduled date of the exhibition and name of the venue.
  • If an original letter is written in a language other than English or Japanese, please include an English translation.
  • PDF format. If there is more than 1 file, upload as Zip format.

Start Online Application

[Regular Mail Submission]

Please submit the followings by regular mail.

  • Send all to the following address: ISE Cultural Foundation NY, 315 West 33rd Street, Suite 9D, New York, NY 10001 USA
  • Applications must arrive at ISE Cultural Foundation NY by the deadline.
  • Download forms for 1)& 2) below and fill out them. You can either save on a CD or print them out and submit as paper format.



  • Save 3) and 5) in Word format and put on a CD or Print it out and submit the materials as paper format.
  • Send 4) on CD. Please make an Image Identification List and identify: Title, Artist, Date, Medium and Size of each image. Either save it in Word format and put on a CD or print it out and submit as paper format. If your submission is video work, send a DVD.
  • Send copy of 6).
  • Regular mail submission has to arrive by the deadline. We cannot give any confirmation of receiving regular mail submission.
  • We do NOT return regular mail submission.

Note to Applicants

  • If any change of the exhibition happens after submission, please notify ISE Cultural Foundation NY as soon as possible.
  • Incomplete submission will not be considered.
  • Curator and artist cannot submit separately for the same exhibition.
  • ISE Cultural Foundation NY cannot answer any questions regarding the selection process and reasons for selection.


Please contact:

ISE Cultural Foundation NY, 315 West 33rd Street, Suite 9D, New York, NY 10001 USA

Phone: 212-925-1649