About ISE NY Gallery


From 1984 to 2014 ISE Cultural Foundation organized and hosted number of exhibitions at the ISE Cultural Foundation Gallery which was located on 555 Broadway, SOHO, New York City. This archive showcases all of ISE’s exhibitions since late 2000.

PEC (Program for Emerging Curators): Open call program for emerging curators. This program encouraged curators to try innovative ideas and original concepts. Many young curators organized their first exhibition as a winners of the PEC and used this opportunity as a stepping stone towards their great career.

Front Space: In order to extend more chance to show and support artists, ISE NY’s front entrance area was used as “Front Project Space”. Many young artists had their first solo exhibitions at the Front Space.

Art Student Exhibition: To support art students from all over the world, ISE NY organized “Art Student Exhibition” every summer from 2004 to 2012. Well-known art professionals such as museum directors, critics and curators were invited to judge the shows.

ISE NY Art Search: Open call exhibition to search new talent from all over the world in 2013. The winners of 2013 had a group exhibition in 2014.

Asian Art Series: Series of exhibitions focused on Asian Contemporary Art which introduce the dynamism of Asian cultures. 5 exhibitions were presented from late 2000 to 2001.