Bring It On Home To Me


January 18 – March 03, 2007

Artist: Kotatsu Iwara

Kotatsu paints ordinary objects that are found in every day life in order to preserve the sentiment of encounter and fragility of our memories. His unique point of view redefines the appreciation for life as it shows influences from pop art and the culture we live in. As a former illustrator and graphic designer, his drawings and paintings are done with meticulous care for observation.

On January 18, 2006, I went to see a concert of The Rolling Stones at Madison Square Garden. The next day, on the 19th of January, I couldn’t remember where I went, who I met or talked to, what I ate, or what time I had gone to bed the night before.
In my room, by the window, sits a plant within a pot. There is a calendar on the wall, a plastic bag in the corner, a box of candy on the desk, and a carton of milk in the refrigerator. These things will all disappear just as every day does.

How could I forget such a day as The Stones’s concert? What could I do to remember other days just as memorable? If I painted the memories that will pass within my life time, the picture painted will document and remind me of that particular happening. At this moment, I am listening to a song called Bring It On Home To Me by Sam Cooke.
I name the exhibition ?”Bring It On Home To Me?”.

-Kotatsu Iwata