Artists Talk by Kunie Sugiura and Mariko Mori


March 19, 2004

Most recent days, we have been intensely aware of scarcity of venues where newly emerging artists, art professionals and young art fans could meet the legendary masters of contemporary art. The artists have established their own careers and they now seem to become as part of the history. Ironically, those who are inspired by the prominent artists just acknowledge them in readings and documentation from their past activities. We know that these young people have passionately listened to the stories by their heroic predecessors. Last year, the foundation served as a venue to hold a rare opportunity for public to meet one of the most cerebrated post-war Japanese Avant-garde art figure, Ushio Shinohara, who is best known for his boxing painting in the age of Japanese Avant- garde. This time, we would like to present the second special event entitled, ¡ÉKuni? Sugiura and Mariko Mori ¡É featuring today¡Çs most cerebrated two contemporary Japanese female artists. The event will be conducted with the artists¡Ç panel, within their field of photography, followed by the open discussion. The artists¡Ç talk event is an informal opportunity to get to know the artists’ works. It addresses the issue of the contemporary art through the discussion between the cerebrated two artists from the East, Kuni? Sugiura and Mariko Mori . Featured two artists are both from Japan who have traveled to abroad and acquired their own technique and theme. They will discuss how leaning techniques and ideas in the west had let them back into searching for Japanese esthetics and culture. Artist, Kuni? Sugiura¡Çs photograms document objects as shadows on photographic paper in which realmetaphoric relations can be compared to Wabi-sabi esthetics involving ideas of transience, time and nature. Mariko Mori is best known for photographs and video installation which present futuristic scenes that meditate on the profusion of artifice in contemporary culture and extract elements of Eastern spiritual thought and art to express optimism for life. Along with the current issue in the art world, they will discuss about themselves reconnecting to the things and ideas they thought they had left behind. Inviting these acclaimed artists, this occasion will become a vital conversation between them and young artists, scholars and art lovers. This memorable opportunity will create another historical dialogue and provide the next generation an opportunity to deepen more esthetical cultural understanding through the lively dialogue of cross?cultural ideas and experience.

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