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Work1 Title: HORYMAN and killer whale Year: 2012 Materials: paper,ball point-pen, marker, pencil Dimensions: H 196cm W 145cm D Work2 Title: HORYMAN and killer whale Year: 2015 Materials: paper,ball point pen, marker, pencil Dimensions: H 42cm W 29cm D Work3 Title: ANIMI-ZOOM Year: 2015 Materials:l Cutting sheet Dimensions: H 296cm W 570cm D Work4 Title: The atomic bomb by style of Jomon ware Year: 2015 Materials: paper,marker,ball-point pen, pencil Dimensions: H 90cm W 60cm D Work5 Title: ANIMI-ZOOM Drawing Year: 2015 Materials: paper,boll-point pen,marker, pencil Dimensions: H 42cm W 29cm D


These concepts have been inherited in Shintoism and still form the backbone of the Japanese people’s spiritual world. I call this exhibition of drawings created using manga techniques “manga installations.” In my stories, which take place in an imaginary city, a monster called HORYMAN is first misunderstood by residents and is portrayed as a villain. However, he saves people who became ghosts after the atomic bombings by serving them the meat of killer whales. Those works strongly reflect modern Japanese history and animism beliefs.

Installation has been exhibited at the manga reading,
this drawing works is composed of 200 sheets.
Is the last scene of the story, ancient spirits are gathered to eat the killer whale.
Allegorical Installation of Japanese nationalism by cutting sheet.
Red and black line is a color that represents the modern Japanese history, yellow’s the color of the sun that connects the modern from ancient times. Japan tells the world of the modern that it is a civilization of the sun faith.
There is a pot that is baked in the shape of a flame that was made in Japan Neolithic era, it depicts the atomic bomb in its style.
Ghost, nature, mantis….., this is the animistic world.


1973 born in Kumamoto, Japan.

2003 Graduated from Kumamoto Gakuen University

Solo show
2004 “Down in the hole!” Kumamoto, Japan
2005 “HORYMAN goes to boodootown” Fukuoka,Japan
2007 “HORYMAN’S BLOOD” IAF SHOP Fukuoka,Japan
2010 “HORYMAN” Bambinart Gallery Tokyo, Japan
2012 “HORYMAN and killer whale” Bambinart Gallery Tokyo,Japan
2015  “BARAMAN1/ANIMI-ZOOM” Bambinart Gallery Tokyo,Japan
“ANIMI-ZOOM” CO., LTD Oral Care Tokyo, Japan

Group show
2003 ”Art parede Kumamoto” Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto
2005 GEISAI#8 Tokyobigsight Tokyo,Japan
2006 GEISAI#9-10 tokyobigsight Tokyo,Japan
2008 GEISAI#11 Tokyobigsight Tokyo,Japan
2009 “ANIMI-ZOOM” Asohakusuigou Museum Kumaoto,Japan
2010 “Kumamoto artists index” Contenporary Art Museum,Kumamoto
“Art star is generated by the Hongo” Tokyo, Japan
2014 Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art Exhibition, Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa

2005 Bronze prize, Yuko Hasegawa prize, GEISAI#8
2014 “Special award” Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art Exhibition

Place: Kumamoto-Ken, Japan


Website: N/A