Accidental Form -ceramic works-


April 29 – May 31, 2011

Artists: Lenka Curtin, Stephen Gayler, and Makiko Hanafusa

Opening Reception: Friday, April 29, 6-8pm

ISE Cultural Foundation is pleased to present “Accidental Form -ceramic works-” at Front Space by Lenka Curtin, Stephen Gayler, and Makiko Hanafusa.

Unconventional beauty of LENKA CURTIN’s work is created by her unique way of handling a pottery wheel. Rather than trying to create a perfect round shape as people usually do, she spins a wheel to make her work until it collapses. The glazes are layered and wiped away to leave only traces to be covered in next layer. Curtin creates the dynamic shape and dramatic color, which remind us wild nature and its wonder.

STEPHEN GAYLER creates his ceramic work usually from the found object, which is already used and thrown out such as paint tubes. He casts the found object and puts slip clay into two parts mold of plaster. Gayler transforms ordinary materials into something fresh and emphasizes the form that is created by continuous human use and time.

MAKIKO HANAFUSA also uses a wheel to make her small bowl series. The wave -like organic shape was originally created by her mistake. She accidentally bended the wall of ceramic bowl and discovered this natural form. After sanding the thin surface, she uses a spray gun to put glaze on the work. This technique adds her ceramic more sensitivity and smoothness as flowers.

Image by Hanafusa Makiko (left), Lenka Curtin, and Stephen Gayler (right)